Colorado Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan Workbook

This program was designed in 2001 to meet NRCS guidelines for CNMPs. Since then guidelines may have changed, and the information contained in these pages may no longer be relevant. Please check with your local NRCS office to get information on current guidelines for CNMPs (http://www.co.nrcs.usda.gov/).

Welcome to Colorado's web site for Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP) development! This web site is designed to take you through the process of developing a CNMP, step-by-step. It is meant for use by livestock producers of all kinds including cattle-feeders, dairies, cow-calf operations, horse owners, and poultry and pork producers. Crop and environmental consultants may also find it useful to help their clients.

The purpose of this web site is to help you comply with the 1999 USDA/EPA United National Strategy for Animal Feeding Operations. This National Strategy is based on a national performance expectation that all Animal Feeding Operations should develop and implement technically sound, economically feasible, and site-specific CNMPs to minimize impacts on water quality and public health. The first thing you may want to do is determine whether you have an Animal Feeding Operation, and are, therefore, expected to implement a CNMP.

So what is a CNMP? A CNMP includes the following components: feed management, manure handling and storage, land application of manure, land management, record keeping, and other utilization options. In the workbook, we've broken this down to 15 short sections which you can complete at your own pace. We recommend you print the sections, complete them, and store them in a notebook.

Please let us know if you have ideas for improving this workbook or if you have any questions. E-mail Jessica Davis (jessica.davis@colostate.edu) or Kierra Jewell (kierra.jewell@colostate.edu) at Colorado State University with your input.

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