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CSU conducts variety performance trials to provide unbiased and reliable information to Colorado producers so they can select the best varieties for their farming conditions. Variable climatic conditions, innovations from biotechnology, acquisitions and mergers of seed companies, and rapid evolution of new varieties means that up-to-date and timely unbiased crop performance information is increasingly important to Colorado soybean producers.

The accumulated results for years show that there is excellent potential for increasing soybean production in Colorado. This is even more notable because several biofuel companies have expressed interest in constructing crusher/processor facilities in Colorado and soybeans may become the biofuel crop of preference.

2010 Variety Performance Trial Results

  • Yuma *NOTE* 2010 soybean variety trial was destroyed by hail. The 2009 report contains soybean variety trial information for the period 1999-2009

High Plains Journal- Spring Crops Report

Making Better Decisions: Annual Colorado Soybean Variety Performance Trial Technical Reports by Year (PDF)

Note: The most recent TR report for Soybeans is 2009. 2010 will not be published.


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