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Tests are partially funded by entry fees paid by commercial firms. Each firm selected entries for testing and furnished seed for the trials. The Agricultural Experiment Station selected open-pedigree hybrids as a standard of comparison. A closed-pedigree corn hybrid was also included in the forage sorghum trials as a comparative standard and was sponsored by the Colorado State Agricultural Experiment Station.



2018 Forage Sorghum Results:

2018 Grain Sorghum Results:


High Plains Journal- Spring Crops Report

Making Better Decisions: Annual Colorado Sorghum Hybrid

Performance Trial Technical Reports by Year (PDF)


For Information on the Southeast Colorado Sorghum Testing Contact:

Kevin Larson
Plainsman Research Station
PO BOX 477
Walsh, CO 81090
(719) 324-5643

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Forage Sorghum Trial at Rocky Ford 2015:

sorghum field 2015

sorghum field 2015

sorghum field 2015