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The bean breeding program, and the bean pathology research program at Colorado State University collaborate to conduct uniform variety trials annually to provide unbiased and reliable performance results from uniform variety trials to help Colorado dry bean producers make more informed variety decisions.

The uniform variety trial serves a dual purpose of screening experimental lines from CSU's bean breeding program and to compare commercial variety performance for making variety recommendations to Colorado bean producers.

The uniform variety trial is made possible by funding received from Colorado dry bean producers and handlers via the Colorado Dry Bean Administrative Committee.


Dry Bean Field Day- August 28th 2017

2016 Dry Bean Results

  • Holyoke - CSU 2016 Irrigated Kidney Bean Variety Performance Trial at Holyoke
  • Row spacing trial- CSU 2016 Irrigated Kidney Bean Variety and Row Spacing Trial at Holyoke

  • The pinto bean trial at Lucerne was destroyed by hail in mid-August and the trial at Yuma was destroyed by heavy rains early in the season and before the young plants were established. pinto beans with damage

High Plains Journal- Spring Crops Report

Making Better Decisions: Annual Colorado Dry Bean Variety Performance Trial Technical Reports by Year (PDF)

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