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The Crops Testing Team is currently working on several projects. Below is a listing of our team members and thier current research.


Jerry Johnson

Jerry Johnson

Jerry Johnson is a Professor and Extension Specialist for crop production and since 1995, has been the leader of the Crops Testing Program at Colorado State University in the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences.

He obtained his B.S. from U.C. Davis and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Washington State University where he studied crop variety testing. The Crops Testing Program currently conducts on-farm and small-plot variety trials on sorghum, winter wheat, dry beans, sunflower, proso millet, irrigated and dryland corn, and oilseeds for biodiesel (canola, Indian brown mustard, and camelina).

He also worked for over 12 years in West Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer, doing food crop research and extension, and developing famine early warning systems in Benin, Mali, Cameroon, and Chad.

Sally Jones

Sally Sauer

Sally Jones is a Research Associate for the Crops Testing Program in the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences.  As a Research Associate, she handles all variety trial entries, works with seed company and commodity group representatives, does trial randomizations and plot plans, assists with planting and harvesting trials, manages harvest data, does data analyses, and drafts crop reports.

Sally earned her M.S. degree in Soil and Crop Sciences in 2012 from CSU where she studied agronomic factors affecting grain sorghum maturity in Northeast Colorado. She obtained her B.S. in Soil and Crop Sciences from CSU in 2009. Sally was born and raised in eastern Colorado and decided to study agronomy after working as a research intern for Pioneer Hi-Bred.

Ed AsfeldEd Asfeld

Ed Asfeld recently joined CSU’s Crops Testing Program as our new Research Associate. He plants and harvests multiple crop variety trials across eastern Colorado, including trials of wheat, corn, sunflower, grain sorghum, and oilseeds. He also repairs and maintains equipment, machinery, and vehicles that are used in the program.  As the principal field person for the Crops Testing Program, Ed works with graduate students, Cooperative Extension agents, Agricultural Research Station personnel, and staff at CSU and other universities. He also collaborates with area farmers, scientists, government representatives, and crop commodity groups. 

Ed grew up on a farm and graduated from high school in a small West-Central Minnesota town. He graduated from North Dakota State University in 1990. After graduation he worked in Wisconsin for a year as a crop consultant, and then farmed full-time while doing custom combining until 2002.  Ed was a retail agronomist with Farmers Co-op of Wilmot in South Dakota until 2010, when he and his family moved to Colorado and he worked at Sterling as a manager and retail agronomist. Ed has been a Certified Crop Advisor since 2004. 

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