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Crop Variety Performance Trials are conducted by Colorado State University’s Crops Testing to provide unbiased and reliable information to Colorado crop producers to help them make better variety decisions. Each crop in our program has a page where the most recent trial information can be found. Technical reports are available for each crop page. Use the navigation menu above to reach all information about a specific crop.


2016 Wheat Field Days Schedule and Flyer

2015 Publications

2015 Results for the following crops are available as tables:

2016 Entry Letters and Form

High Yielding Corn Hybrids Found in CSU Trial at Burlington
Colorado State University researchers have identified a high yielding corn hybrid in their crop variety trial situated in a local farmer’s field. CSU screens hybrids for local adaptability and this year there were 13 hybrids from three different seed companies in a trial conducted in a cornfield near Stratton, Co. The highest yielding hybrid in the trial was a 113-day Ag Venture entry (RL8767HB) that went 262 bushels per acre. This yield is the average of four plots within the trial with this entry. These trials are conducted to provide information to local producers for making better corn hybrid decisions. In addition to Ag Venture, Producers Hybrids and NuTech tested lines for local adaptability. Producers are encouraged to contact their local seed reps to have their hybrids entered into the Colorado corn performance trials.


Thank you to all the companies that participated in the 2015 trials:

Grain Corn

Colorado State University thanks the following seed companies (in alphabetical order) for their participation in the 2015 hybrid performance trials. These trials provide unbiased and reliable information to Colorado crop producers for making better hybrid decisions.

AgVenture – AVN Seeds

Golden Harvest

LG Seeds

Producer’s Hybrids

NuTech Seed

Forage Sorghum

Alta Seeds

Gayland Ward Seed

Pawnee Buttes Seeds

Sorghum Partners

Walter Moss Seed Co.

Grain Sorghum

Alta Seeds


Gayland Ward Seed

Mycogen Seeds

Richardson Seeds

Sharp Brothers Seed

Sorghum Partners



Mycogen Seeds



Red River Commodities, Inc.

Royal Hybrid



AgriPro (Syngenta)


Limagrain Cereal Seeds Watley Seed Co.

WestBred (Monsanto)

Colorado Wheat Administrative Committee


Colorado Wheat Research Foundation





You may reach the Crops Testing Program Personnel either on our About Us page or via email at: CAS_CSUCroptesting@colostate.edu  


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